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Quality Control
Use (ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practices) as execution standard, supervise the project process and results.

Quality control of project process: Screen the most appropriate interviewers before the project starts. Supervise and control by the project manager and supervisors during the whole project.
1. In-depth project training
a) Training to project members: make sure everyone understands each part of the project.
b) Screen and train the interviewers: Every interviewer must pass the test of basic knowledge of MR and mock interviews. Choose the most appropriate interviewers and conduct the project training with them.

2. Strict in-field management
a) Project manager and supervisors will supervise/manage in-site. 
b) Questionnaire checked by the project manager and supervisors;
c) Interviewers check the questionnaire by themselves after the interviews. Make sure no missing/wrong answers then to pass to supervisors;
d) Supervisors check the questionnaires in-site. Make sure no missing/wrong answers then to pass to other supervisors for double checking.

Result control: We have an independent QC department to check the quality. The checking results to pass to the direct authorities.
a) Checking system: 100% phone call quality control after the completion of interviews. Screen out the invalid questionnaires; make sure the data are “real” and “reliable”.
b) Quality managed by independent department: QC department control the quality directly.

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