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Local knowledge

We are a company that dedicated in providing fieldwork services to overseas clients. With the 10 years development, we have formed a service standard based on our experiences, but we would adjust it according to clients’ request as well.
Individualized service: Familiar with the working practice of clients over the world, providing individualized services to different clients.

Knowledgeable about feasibility of new methodologies in China market

Adviser-guided services: Provide adviser-guided services at each stage of the project
a) Project design stage: Suggestions on fieldwork feasibility
Information about methodology, sample size, challenges etc based on our experiences. Provide the most objective and impartial suggestion to help clients to win the project.
b) Project execution stage: Communicate with the clients timely, to provide the progress every 48 hours.
c) Project closing stage: Summarize and optimize the project execution.
In order to make a better working process for next projects, we will send the project summary to clients, inform them the whole project performing status, including issues we encounter and how to solve them.

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